Fiona Frank, Composer

Nature is my teacher & inspiration, & I live in a place of great natural beauty, the haunt of creative Romantics of the past, like the Williams Wordsworth & Turner.

I love writing works especially tailored for your special occasion or concert. I am very happy to take commissions for most combinations: solo/chamber/orchestral

See below for premieres

Hat-trick of successes in 2016 included "Free as a Bird" for 'cello and piano which was performed in Brussels by Johannes Burghoff (cello) & Mamia Akhledviani (piano) at the Osmose Festival, and the announcement that a Saxophone duo was chosen for performance in Italy.
WATERS OF THE WYE for clarinet and light percussion was performed in Cyprus by the Women in Music organisation "Culture Tones Organisation" on February 7th, 2017

My musical life

After distilling a lifetime's musicianship -as choral singer, vocal soloist, violinist (playing solos and improvising, chamber music and the orchestral repertoire), violin teaching and piano- I began to write music.…

  • Padua Concert at 'I Solisti Veneti' Site

    The Concert Programme, at I Solisti Veneti website, including the "Autumn Suite" -prima esecuzione assoluta-

  • 'In Memoriam' for oboe and string trio - Cagliari

    'In Memoriam' for oboe and string trio was performed in the Teatro Lirico di Cagliari (Cagliari Opera House), in an event to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, by Ensemble Trame Sonore in November 2017.

  • 'Waters of the Wye' performed in Cyprus

    A version of 'Waters of the Wye' for clarinet and light percussion was performed in Cyprus in February 2017 by George Georgiou and Marios Nikolaou.

  • 'Cello piece in Brussels premiere

    "Free as a Bird" for cello and piano was performed on Saturday December 3rd in Brussels as part of the Osmose Festival, again in Luxembourg in March 2017, and again in Brussels in April 2017. A recording of the premiere performance was broadcast on BBC Radio Wales.

Brecknock Sinfonia

…a first class Orchestra for Brecon and the surrounding district; one of our local ensembles……

Parva Springs String Quartet at St Michaels for Reveries on a River Journey

About to perform 'Reveries on a River Journey' in Tintern, 2014

Please see Performances below…

Chamber Music

Chamber Music has been the most satisfying and meaningful aspect of my Music Making. I particularly love the genre of the String Quartet. I do enjoy playing in ensembles of all sizes & have lead the Francamente, Angiddy, and Parva Springs String Quartets, and in duos, trios… It has been a joy to be able to perform my own music at various festivals and on other occasions.…


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