Fiona Frank, Composer

Fiona writes: "Nature is my teacher & inspiration, & I live in a place of great natural beauty, the haunt of creative Romantics of the past, like the Williams Wordsworth & Turner."

"I love writing works especially tailored for your special occasion or concert, and would be very happy to take commissions for most combinations: solo/chamber/orchestral/choral"

See below for premieres.

Brecknock Sinfonia

…a first class Orchestra for Brecon and the surrounding district; one of our local ensembles……

Chamber Music

Fiona writes:

"Chamber Music has been the most satisfying and meaningful aspect of my Music Making. I particularly love the genre of the String Quartet. I do enjoy playing in ensembles of all sizes & have lead the 'Francamente', 'Angiddy', and 'Parva Springs' String Quartets, and have played in the 'Taglionando' and other duos, and trios… It has been a joy to be able to perform my own music at various festivals and on other occasions.…"

Premieres & Performances

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  • Musical Notes 2
  • Musical Notes 1