10 Feb - Trio Arcadia di Roma
Trio Arcadia di Roma

Opera in Roma presents the Musical Event “Luminaria”, a concert series inside the wonderful St.Paul’s Within the Walls Church. Lose yourself in the candle lights inside the Church and enjoy this suggestive atmosphere, togetherwith the wonderful mosaics and artworks. When the music will start, prepare yourself to live the magic of this charming moment.

  • Laura Bianco, violino
  • Francesco Vignanelli, violoncello
  • Margherita Sussarellu, pianoforte
Duration90 Minutes
Important information

Saint Paul's Within the Walls Church
Vian Nazionale 16a - ROME

Further information

A programme devised entirely of works by and dedicated to great Female Composers. Clara Weick, wife of Robert Schumann, sacrificed willingly an extraordinary career as a performer for love, not to mention her compositions for piano and chamber groups, which merit her a prominent position in the Pantheon of Romantic Composers. As pedagogues, Nadia and Lily Boulanger created a whole generation of musicians and composers at the turn of the century. The music of Milan-born American composer Alba Rosa Vietor is being rediscovered 30 years after her death while British composer Fiona Frank is cementing her position as a musician at home and abroad.

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